From Rote Memorization to Critical Thinking: Comprehensive Education Blogs

From Rote Memorization to Critical Thinking: Comprehensive Education Blogs

Winning The Battle On Private School Uniforms With Your Child

by Corey Warren

Private schools offer your children a wide range of benefits, but there's a chance that your kids may balk at having to wear uniforms. This unfortunate battle is fought all over the nation, but it is one that you can win with these simple tips.

Talk To Them Like An Adult

The first step in this process is sitting down with your children and asking them why they are so against wearing uniforms. Don't talk to them like you are a boss or asking for what you want to hear. Encourage them to share with you and express their opinion. Talking to your children like grownups helps them mature more quickly. Make sure not to interrupt them as they talk.

Listen to what they have to say on the subject (which likely includes issues of personal control), and present your own crucial points, such as the fact that everyone in the school has to follow the same rules and that it will help them fit in. Fitting in and making friends is important for children, and they may end the argument with that point.

Examine The Outfit They Have To Wear

Stop by the private school and let your child take a look at the uniform they will have to wear. Ask if the child can wear an extra version to see how it fits and looks on them. For many children, this gives them the feeling that they have a choice in the matter. This is important for them, as they likely feel like they don't get many choices in their life in general.

Take some pictures with your phone and show them off to their friends from outside of the private school. Let them talk about the uniform the way that children do and encourage them to talk about how cool or fashionable it looks. This might be all you need to do, but if not, you need to make some concessions.

Let Them Dress How They Want At Home

If your child is still stubbornly resisting their uniform, let them choose what they get to wear when at home and on the weekends. Naturally, you should exclude clothes that you find inappropriate, but tell them they can otherwise choose what they want.

In this way, you can give in to your child a little bit and give them the feeling of personal choice they may have lost with the uniform choice. Most children will be more than happy to get the chance to wear their favorite t-shirt at home (or when out in town) in exchange for wearing a uniform at school.

This simple process is something that will bring you and your children closer together by allowing them to feel more in charge of their life. It also gives them the benefits of a private school, something which may help them get into better universities later in life.

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