From Rote Memorization to Critical Thinking: Comprehensive Education Blogs

From Rote Memorization to Critical Thinking: Comprehensive Education Blogs

No-Fuss Education: Homeschooling With An Accredited Online Private Or Parochial School

by Corey Warren

Homeschooling isn't for the faint of heart. Depending on your state, you have to adhere to, and document, everything that you teach your child. This can be difficult, especially if you're homeschooling multiple children. Many states require documented attendance records, lesson plans, and grades. If you don't want to mess with designing homeschool lesson plans from scratch, buying a prepackaged curriculum from a private, online K-12 school might be a great alternative.

There are many private, K-12 online programs to choose from, but if you have your heart set on a parochial education for your child, accredited online parochial schools are available that fit the bill for all state requirements. That's arguably the most beneficial aspect of enrolling in a prepackaged parochial curriculum. Here's some other benefits that might sway toward a private or parochial homeschool experience.

Meeting State Requirements With Minimal Lesson Planning

Prepackaged curricula means no-fuss lesson planning. The lesson plans are usually already written out to fit state, national, and international homeschool guidelines. Parents just follow the daily or weekly outlines. If the online parochial school is regionally or nationally accredited, it must adhere to the accreditation requirements while maintaining its homeschool flexibility. This means that lesson plans adhere to the same educational standards that your typical brick-and-mortar school would have to do, but it's personalized to fit individualized, homeschool needs.

The Cost Is Manageable

Anyone who's sent their kids to a brick-and-mortar parochial school knows that tuition has skyrocketed over the years. The average cost to send just one child to a private school is around $10,000 per year. No wonder private school enrollment has declined by 1.4 million students, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. It's tough to afford sending one child, much less two, three, or more children to a non-public school option and participate in school sports, trips, and all the incidental expenditures that arise like school uniform purchases.

Private or parochial online K-12 school options cost far-less, often as low as less than $2,000 to homeschool three children with a full set of books, lesson plans, documentation, and counsel. Some even offer full graduation ceremonies. One accredited, online, parochial K-12 homeschool, Seton Home Study School, is one that offers a cap-and-gown graduation ceremony in their base state of Virginia. 

If you decide that the benefits of homeschooling with an online, private K-12 option is for you, check out the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) web site for information that can help you with your state's requirements. It also has specific information to get you started on finding the right private or parochial homeschool curriculum for you and your children.


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