From Rote Memorization to Critical Thinking: Comprehensive Education Blogs

From Rote Memorization to Critical Thinking: Comprehensive Education Blogs

Communication And Your Child's Kindergarten School Teacher: What You Need To Know

by Corey Warren

Why do you need to keep the lines of communication open with your child's kindergarten school teacher? Navigating the elementary school experience can be complex.  From what your child is learning to who she's becoming friends with, you'll want to know everything about her kindergarten day. But, chances are that you'll get the good old, "I don't know," or, "Okay, I guess," when you ask, "How was your day?" What can you do to get in the know? Check out these tips for communicating with your child's school teacher.

Skip Pick-Up Chats

You used to have an almost endless stream of opportunities to talk to your child's teacher. When your child was in preschool, you had drop-off and pick-up times every day to chat. Now that your kiddo is in kindergarten, she might take the bus to school. Even if you're driving or walking your child to school, the teacher probably has somewhere around 30 students to account for. They can't turn their attention away from 29 of them to have an impromptu conference with you. If the teacher approaches you, that's fine – go ahead and talk away. If they seem incredibly busy, wait for a better time.

Send An Email

Not being able to talk at school doesn't mean you can't contact the teacher. Send the kindergarten teacher a quick email that they can read when they have the time. Sending an email lets you clear spell out what the problem is, what you're wondering or anything else you want the teacher to know. It also gives the teacher time to truly read your concerns and respond to them. Think of this as a first step. You're probably not going to come to any major new conclusions about your child. But, you may learn a thing or two and get the chance to set up a face-to-face conference.

Stay Aware

Teachers typically give parents plenty of opportunities to communicate with them. Whether it's a formal parent-teacher conference, open office hours or through something electronic, the kindergarten school teacher is making it possible for you to learn about your child regularly. Be aware and stay on the lookout for this opportunities. Take advantage of them, come prepared and make the most of the brief time that you have with the teacher. This may mean drafting a list of questions before a conference or emailing the teacher with concerns before going in to see them.

Communicating with your child's elementary school teacher is a key piece of the academic success puzzle. Pick your "talking times" wisely, send an email and prepare for conferences beforehand. The more you know about your child's education, the better able you are to help her to succeed. 

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